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About the Author

Dr. Latrina W. Jenkins is the founder of Dr. Latrina W. Jenkins International Ministries, Inc., Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministries, and U.P.P.G. She and her husband, Dr. Alex L. Jenkins, are the pastors of The A.C.O.J. New Life Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc., located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Dr. Latrina books comes highly recommended!

A Pathway to Divine Healings 

Have you been wounded? Are you in need of a healing? Do you lack healing faith? Discover the answers you have been waiting for in, A Pathway to Divine Healings. Dr. Jenkins has an aspiration to see everyone with a: Physically powerful conviction Psychologically established A transformed heart Release the passageway toward being restored back to divine health and well being, will thou be made whole? If so, Let The Healing Begin!


Keys to Becoming a Virtuous Woman: Devotional and Journal Paperback 

Keys to Becoming A Virtuous Woman: Devotional and Journal

Author: Dr. Latrina W. Jenkins


Language: English

Binding: Paperback


Keys to Becoming A Virtuous Woman

Sometimes the storm rises and the winds blow, hurricanes and earthquakes come to shake the very foundations which we stand, but certainly we must remain confident in our walk of faith.In this world of dangers, seen and unseen, there is a need and demand for virtue in the lives of women everywhere. In the innovative guide Keys to Becoming a Virtuous Woman, Dr. Latrina W. Jenkins gives you strategies and concepts on how to become a woman of high moral fortitude.

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